SkyBet – Sign up and get a £10 free bet

Sky Bet are offering a £10 free bet to new customers.

Open an account with Sky Bet, you don’t need to make a deposit for this offer.

Once you’ve set up your account you then need to log out and log back in. Once you’re logged back in your should automatically receive a £10 free bet.

Free Bet

Once Sky Bet has credited your £10 free bet, you need to wager it once to make it eligible for withdrawal. To do this, use the oddsmatching tool to find a good bet for your free bet. For free bets, it’s a good idea to use higher odds in order to maximise the profit. I would advise you look for something with odds above 4.0. However, remember that the higher odds you use, the more liability you will need in the exchange, but the more money you will make.

Use the calculator to work out your bets.

Select “Free Bet (SNR)” at the top.
The bookmaker stake is £10.
Enter the Sky Bet back odds.
Enter the exchange lay odds.
Enter the exchange commission.
Make sure you have enough money in the exchange to cover the liability of this bet. If you don’t, either deposit more or look for something at lower odds. Place your Sky Bet free back bet and then your exchange lay bet.

Once these bets have settled, you should have made around £8 profit.