PaddyPower – £10 refund if your first bet loses

Paddy Power offer a £10 refund on your first bet if it loses.

Open an account with Paddy Power and deposit £10.

Qualifying Bet

Find a close match between the Paddy Power back odds and the exchange lay odds.

For this offer, we only get £10 if our first bet loses. Therefore, we need to take a slightly different approach to guarantee a profit regardless of what happens.

To do this, we need to place the first bet as ‘SnR’ in the calculator. This reduces our lay stake (and our liability) and means that if the bet loses with Paddy Power, we’ll make a small loss, but we’ll gain the £10 cash refund. If the bet wins with Paddy Power, we’ll make an instant profit in Paddy Power (due to the reduced liability) but receive no refund. We want to use high odds to maximise the value here.

Generally the higher odds you use, the more profit you’ll make – but the more liability you’ll need. Don’t go for SUPER high odds with these because they will notice and it may limit you for future promotions. I wouldn’t go any higher than 6.

Once you’ve chosen what to bet on and checked that the odds are correct, use the calculator to work out your bets.

Select “Free Bet (SNR)” at the top. This calculates the underlay on the bet.
The bookmaker stake is £10.
Enter the Paddy Power back odds.
Enter the exchange lay odds.
Enter the lay commission.
The calculator will show you your stake and your liability. The “liability” is the amount you need to deposit into Betfair (but the lay amount is what you’ll type into the stake box). Deposit the required amount. Then place your £10 Paddy Power bet, and then your exchange lay bet.

If the bet wins with Paddy Power, you make an instant profit and you are done. If your bet loses then you will be given a cash refund and you are also finished with the offer.

You should make around £6-8 from this offer.