LeoVegas – 100% profit boost on first two bets

This offer is only available to UK customers.

Open an account with LeoVegas (ensure you choose “Sports Bonus”, under “Choose Bonus”, when registering). Deposit £10. If you already have an account with LeoVegas from the Casino offer, then you cannot do this offer.

Deposits made via Skrill or Neteller are not eligible for the two 100% Profit Boosts.

Qualifying Bet

For this offer, LeoVegas will give us a 100% profit boost on our first 2x £5 bets. We can do this on any sports market but our odds must be below 20/1 (21.0) and both bets cannot be used on the same event, game or match. This is valid for pre-match and in-play bets. There are no minimum odds. Profit Boost winnings are calculated on the odds quoted in the Betslip. If the original odds are 5.0 (4/1) and you have a 100% Boost, you will receive odds of 9.0 (8/1).

So, we can lock in profit with this offer, by doubling our odds. To do so, simply take your original odds, multiply them by two and subtract one. So, if our back odds are 5.0, we multiply 5.0 by 2, giving us 10.0 and then subtract 1, giving us back odds of 9.0. Calculate the bet as ‘Normal’. When placing your bet you will need to select the ‘Profit Boost’ option from Bonus Offers on the betslip.

Find a close match between the LeoVegas back odds and the exchange lay odds. The back odds must be lower than 21.0.

Once you’ve chosen what to bet on and checked that the odds are correct, use the calculator at the top of this page to work out your bets.

Select “Normal” at the top.
The bookmaker stake is £5.
Enter the doubled LeoVegas back odds.
Enter the exchange lay odds.
Enter the lay commission.
Press enter on your keyboard.
As long as you remembered to use the formula above, the calculator should show you a profit of around £4. This is due to the huge difference in odds between the back odds and the lay odds.

The calculator will show you your stake and your liability. The ‘liability’ is the amount you need to deposit into Betfair (but the lay amount is what you’ll type into the stake box). Deposit the required amount. Then place your £5 LeoVegas back bet, and then your exchange lay bet.

Once you have completed the process once with your first 100% profit boost, then you simply need to go through the entire process again with your second 100% profit boost.

Once these bets have settled, you should have made around £8 profit.