888Sport – Treble odds on your first bet, guaranteed profit

For this offer you’ll be opening an account with 888sport. You may need £350 to do this offer safely, depending on the odds you use.

Open an account with 888sport and deposit £10.

Qualifying Bet

This offer works differently to the other offers you’ve done so far so pay attention.

888sport will treble the odds on your first bet with them. We can use this to make a guaranteed profit due to the huge overpriced odds. If your bet loses, you’ll make an instant profit and you’re done. If the bet wins, you’ll make an initial loss but receive a large free bet.

Find a close match between the 888sport back odds and the exchange lay odds. I would advise going for high odds (above 4.0) to maximise the value of the trebled odds. However, remember that high odds means higher liability – so make sure you don’t lock up your whole bank, as you may need it for the free bet later.

Once you’ve found what you want to bet on, you need to calculate what the trebled 888 odds would be. To do this, first of all, you need to subtract 1 from the odds. You then multiply them by 2.6, and then add the 1 back on. So if your original odds are 4.0, you would enter 8.8 as your back odds, because 4 – 1 is 3, then 3 x 2.6 = 7.8. Add the 1 back on, gives 8.8.

Use the calculator to work out your bets.

Select “Normal” at the top.
The bookmaker stake is £10.
Enter the trebled 888sport back odds (work this out using the method above).
Enter the exchange lay odds. No need to multiply these.
Enter the lay commission.
Press enter on your keyboard.
As long as you remembered to use the formula above, the calculator should show you a profit of around £10. This is due to the huge difference in odds between the back odds and the lay odds.

You now simply need to place your £10 bet on 888sport, and then your lay bet on Betfair. Note that you will not see the boosted odds in your betslip, but that’s ok. As long as this is your first bet, they will credit the treble odds payout as an extra bonus within 72 hours of the bet winning. You will get the initial bet winnings first, and the treble odds payout within 72 hours. (If it loses and wins on Betfair, you make the profit instantly).

Free Bet

If your bet loses and ends up in Betfair, you have made an instant profit. You will not receive a free bet and do not need to complete this section. However, if it won at 888sport, you will have made a loss, but you will have also received a free bet. The size of the free bet will depend on the odds you took. In my example, I would receive a £60 free bet.

Your free bet will be available to use with 72 hours of your qualifying bet being settled and will expire within 7 days.

Use the oddsmatching software to find a close match between the 888sport back odds and the exchange lay odds. Like most free bets, we want to use it at high odds to maximise the profit. Remember that the higher odds you use, the more liability you will need in the exchange, but the more money you will make. I suggest that you use odds above 4.0.

Use the calculator to work out your bets.

Select “Free Bet (SnR)” at the top.
Enter the free bet stake.
Enter the 888sport back odds.
Enter the exchange lay odds.
Enter the exchange commission.
Press enter on your keyboard.
Make sure you have enough money in the exchange to cover the liability of this bet. If you don’t, either deposit more or look for something at lower odds. Place your 888sport Free back bet and then your exchange lay bet.