10Bet – £200 bonus with large rollover

Open an account with 10bet and deposit £400 with the promotion code ‘FD200’.


Find a close match between the 10Bet back odds and the exchange lay odds. The back odds need to be at 1.6 or greater. With this particular offer, the maximum amount you can bet on each bet is equal to half the bonus awarded. This means the maximum bet we can place each time is £100.

Any bet placed on any type of handicap (except 3-Way Handicap) or Over/Under will not count towards this requirement.

Use the calculator to work out your bets.

Select “Normal” at the top.
The bookmaker stake is £100.
Enter the 10Bet back odds.
Enter the exchange lay odds.
Enter the lay commission.
Press enter on your keyboard.

The lay stake and the liability will be shown to you. The “liability” is the amount you need to deposit into the exchange. Deposit that amount. Then place your £100 10Bet bet, and then your exchange lay bet. You need to place four separate £100 bets on different events in total. You cannot bet on Over/Under or any handicap markets.

Once those four bets have settled, you’ll be credited the £200 bonus.

Now that you have the bonus, you need to place 30 separate £100 bets. Each bet should be calculated as “Normal”. Be patient and try to find matches on the oddsmatching software with a rating of 96 or higher. The back odds need to be at 1.6 or greater. It may take you a while to grind through this rollover- you have 90 days before it expires.

If you do this you should come out with at least £65 profit if you have to do the full rollover.